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C Olivia Carlisle

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Athens Art Association 100 Year Anniversary Celebration

2019 Exhibitions - Athens GA

 Georgia Museum of Art - - “Our Town and Beyond”

Boone and George-Ann Knox Gallery II

18 May - 11 August 2019

Lyndon House Arts Center - “A Century of Art”

06 June - 15 August 2019

Athens - Clarke Regional Library

Quiet Room - Library Hours

10 August - 05 October 2019

Opening Reception 11 August 2:30 - 4:30 pm

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

13 October - December 2019 - Garden Room

Opening Reception 03 November 2 - 4 pm


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The History of the Athens Area Plein Air Artists  

Claire Clements, UGA tenured Associate Professor Emerita, founded the Athens Area Plein Air Group in 1994. Claire explains; “My inspiration for the group was, in part, for me to continue to grow new brain cells (dendrites and spines). This goal grew out of my reading about researcher, Marion Diamond, from UCLA, who had worked on Einstein’s brain posthumously. She said there are three essentials for brain growth: 1-Stimulation, 2-Challenge, 3-Service to others.”

    “My entire life has been ‘Service to Others’ through art and I continued this goal through initiating the Plein Air Painting group and continuing to guide the group for 24 years. ‘Stimulation’ and ‘Challenge’ go hand in hand with Plein Air Painting. ‘Stimulation’ comes from the subject matter and ‘challenge’ from transforming a blank piece of paper into a work of art!” 

    “We began with The University Woman’s Club, (Using Drawing To Explore Art) and later affiliated with the Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens GA. No one teaches and there are no dues.”

“Our meeting time is the second Thursday of each month, 9 AM to noon. We work, share, and encourage each other, followed by dining at a nearby restaurant where we talk about our art experiences. Places we’ve painted include the top of a downtown parking deck, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, the UGA Trial Garden, fire stations, the Georgia Mall, members’ homes and gardens,  Georgia Museum of Art, Georgia Museum of Natural History and the Ware Lyndon House Parterre Garden.”

     “We served as artists working on site at The Oconee Garden Tour. Other painting places include: Woodland Gardens Organic Farm, Sweet Olive Rescue Farm, and Picadilly Farm Nursery.  We generally stay in and around Athens; our most distant destination was Toccoa Falls. We exhibited at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, (ATHICA) and the University Woman’s Club.”                                          “You are invited to come join us!” 


Drawing To See, Natural Science & Botanical Illustration February 2018

Four, five hour Saturday classes in February at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. 

Using conventional lighting, graphite and color pencils, Natural Science Illustrator “OC” Carlisle guided students from preliminary “warm-up” independent drawing exercises, studying and drawing a variety of botanical subjects, from rocks, twigs, fungi, acorns, vegetables, pods, to the flora of the season. After evaluating pre-class drawing studies, students then explored color with color transitions, color bias, hue, value, and intensity. Working on techniques of proportional illustrations, showing highlights, shadow and reflected light that gives life to their drawings.  Students observed floral dissection, using a microscope, and worked on preparing drawings for archival reproduction. 


Artists Tools Ecosystem ©2016 C Olivia Carlisle (OC”)

Artists Tools Ecosystem ©2016 C Olivia Carlisle (OC”)

Full House Exhibition 17November2016 - 21January2017

Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, Georgia - 17 November2016.

The Full House Exhibition is a biennial exhibition of artwork by members of the groups and guilds that call the Lyndon House Arts Center home. Members of over 15 of the guilds and groups include the Athens Art Association, Athens Area Arts Council, Athens Fibercraft Guild, Athens Metal Arts Guild, Athens Photography Guild, Classic City Woodturners, Charity Quilting Bee, Cotton Patch Quilters, Hand Spinners, Lyndon House Arts Foundation, Modern Athens Quilts, Plein Air Painters, Studio Painters, Teen Cartoon Club, and the Visual Arts Guild. Over 100 artists are expected in this year’s exhibit.

This illustration by “OC” Carlisle (C Olivia) © 2016 represents an ecosystem of artists hand tools, some of which have sprouted roots, become a variety of plants including vines and grasses with an opening leaf appearance of a Teen Cartoonist Character (created by: Ashleigh Cummings). The cotton and flax (linen) plants produce fibers used by fiber artists, quilters and weavers. Graphite, color oil base and water base pencils and acrylic media were used on an acrylic washed 300 lb hot press Fabriano Artistico paper, image size 20 x 14 inches; digitally captured and color corrected by Pixel and Ink Studio, Athens, GA.



Drawing Class presented February 2016, State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Drawing to See, Light, Form, Value, Line; Natural Science Illustration

Kiwi Fruit & Apple Still Life ©2010 C Olivia Carlisle ("OC")

Kiwi Fruit & Apple Still Life ©2010 C Olivia Carlisle ("OC")

OC taught a four session drawing class at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, February 2016. The classes were designed to develop and expand the drawing skills in natural science illustration Drawing to See, Light, Form, Value, Line.  Carlisle presented techniques for showing form, highlight, shadow, and reflected light, giving visual strength to natural objects such as vegetables, fruit, flowers, even rocks to beginning and advanced artists. Perfecting the value and shape drawing skills were presented to supply students with the foundations of natural science illustration as well as other realistic subject forms. In addition to class time, students were given before and post class independent studies: value scales practice, drawing smooth surface rocks, basic shapes of nature, fruit/vegetable compositions and native holly illustration in graphite and colored pencil. OC presented demonstrations, her illustration examples, class critiques, provided additional book, web, and artists’ resources.